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Workforce Development

Assess Competency, Improve Skills & Find the Right People

In this economy, when it is necessary always to find ways to “do more with less”, developing, maintaining, and sustaining a capable workforce is of primary importance to the health of our communities. Toward that goal, NACDD has developed the Competencies for Chronic Disease Practice, and a set of practical, skill-based competency tools for use in the workplace.

Assessing Competencies:

  • The individual practitioner, using the NACDD Competency Assessment Tool, can identify their current level of proficiency in each of the seven domains of the competencies.
  • The Competency Assessment Tool for Teams helps you to assess the proficiency of current and prospective team members to identify the needed areas for team education, or areas where you need to recruit additional skilled members.

Improving Skills:

  • Both the individual and team assessment tools provide a template for planning professional development needs.·
  • When your plan is complete, download the Assets Inventory. Updated on a regular basis, the inventory reviews a wide variety of educational opportunities available, both online and locally, with ratings that show their value to the practitioner.

Finding the Right People:

  • The Structured Interview Guide Planning Tool allows you to ask the right questions to find the right person for any position.
  • The Job Description Templates allow you to work with the human resources department in your organization to inject specific competencies into the chronic disease job description – which then allows you to post jobs with more specific descriptors, and to use the job description as the basis for ongoing evaluation.
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