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State Success Stories

Creating Healthy Communities - Success Stories from ACHIEVE
contains 24 pages describing the impact of ACHIEVE policy and environmental change efforts in communities. Download a copy here.
To submit your state's success stories, click here.
State programs are reducing the burden of chronic disease across the U. S.  NACDD is publishing their stories to:

  • Educate policymakers about programs that work
  • Show decision-makers that funds are well spent
  • Support the NACDD policy and communications effort
  • Serve as program examples for other states

Examples of Successful State Programs....

In Kentucky, Students Taking Charge is improving the food environment in Kentucky schools while helping students learn leadership skills.

In Missouri, more than half the people using an arthritis self-help toolkit felt better about managing their arthritis as a result.

In Florida, bus drivers, mechanics, and other employees now regularly monitor their health at self-management kiosks as part of a low-cost employee wellness program.

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