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Mission and Values

Mission and Values of the Pacific Chronic Disease Coalition

In 2008, dedicated advocates from the United States Associated/ Affiliated Pacific Islands' (USAPI) banded together to protect the health of Pacific Islanders by addressing diabetes and other chronic diseases through the establishment of the Pacific Chronic Disease Coalition (PCDC). Although the needs are great PCDC and partners are striving to leverage scarce resources.


We are representatives from the United States Associated/Affiliated Pacific Islands' health systems and communities striving to bridge the gap in disparities by reducing the chronic disease burden, sharing and mobilizing resources, and recognizing the uniqueness of our communities and people.

Specifically, the PCDC strives to:

  • Reduce the chronic disease burden by adopting and implementing comprehensive chronic disease prevention and control programs;
  • Advocate with policy makers to address the burden of chronic diseases in the Pacific Islands at the village, local government, faith-based, national government, and international levels;
  • Respect the unique cultures, decision making process, and best practices of the Pacific Islands; and
  • Acknowledge the strengths, wisdom, and resources of Pacific people.



  • We believe in and respect all Pacific cultures and values which form the foundation of social, spiritual, and family health.
  • We believe in evolving to meet the changing needs of the Pacific communities.
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to assure that resources for chronic diseases are available and accessible to promote health in our communities.
  • We believe in individuals, families, and the community working together to attain a healthy lifestyle.