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Cultural Competency Work Group

Cultural Competency Definition:

Cultural Competency is defined as that which comprises values, behaviors, attitudes, policies and practices that come together on a continuum that will ensure that a system, agency, program or individual can function effectively and appropriately in diverse cultural interaction and settings. It ensures an understanding, appreciation and respect of cultural differences and similarities within, among and between groups. Cultural competency is a goal that a system, agency, program or individual continually aspires to achieve (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services workgroups).

Current Projects Include:

The Council Cultural Competency Work Group (CCWG) meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 3:00PM to 4:00PM eastern time. The CCWG has several projects including:

  • working with the NACDD Staff and Board on recommendations from the cultural competency assessment
  • implementing standardized diversity statements for all NACDD job announcements and other organizational documents
  • developing or adopting a cultural competency guidebook consistent with CCWG values and goals. 
    "...I may not be able to fully undestand another person's experience with inequity, but I can listen with compassion and empathy..."
  • review the current strategic map and revise, as needed
  • discuss the needs, work responsibilities and participation goals for CCWG members. 

Cultural Competency Assessment

The NACDD and the HEC conducted a cultural competency assessment of the organization and its councils in the fall of 2007. The purpose of the cultural competency assessment was to measure the organization’s readiness, capacity and potential to develop culturally competent and effective public health policies and interventions. The assessment report was provided in early 2008.

Goal: Create an NACDD Board, Issues Committee, and HEC partnership to develop cultural competency recommendations and a blueprint for NACDD at the organizational level; with the eventual intent of broadening the reach into all councils and the long-term objective to provide useful tools for states to access.

  1. Create an action plan for addressing NACDD cultural competency needs
  2. Develop a cultural competency resource library
  3. Develop an NACDD cultural competency organizational policy document
  4. Integrate cultural competency and health equity into professional development efforts
  5. Create communication avenues for cultural competency and health equity information
  6. Establish cultural competency and health equity as an NACDD organizational norm


Below is a link to the assessment results:
NACDD CC Assessment Results 2008



Sherri Paxon, MSPH, MT(ASCP)BB
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Phone: 517-335-8007