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Promising Practices

Promising Practices and Resources
Pacific CEED, The All Mike Women’s Volleyball Tournament
The goal of this project was to rally Micronesian women and their families together in a healthy activity and provide health education to them through the venue of a women’s volleyball tournament
The MHAC Interpreter/Translator Training Project.
Micronesian Health Advisory Coalition (MHAC) developed and implemented the MHAC Interpreter/Translator Training Project. The overall goal of the project was to help eliminate health disparities in the Micronesian communities in Hawai'i by providing quality language access for the Micronesians in need of translation and interpretation services.
The Healthy Aging Partnership
The Healthy Aging Partnership is a statewide partnership with public health, aging, academia, and community programs implementing the Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) <Better Choices, Better Health Ke Ola Pono and EnhanceFitness Program, both are evidence-based programs targeted for persons with chronic conditions. These programs are designed to complement and enhance medical treatment, healthy behaviors, and disease management.
Tai Chi with the Paukukalo Kupuna project.
Early in 2011 tai chi chuan was begun with the Alu Like Kupuna program at Paukukalo homes. The objective is to present a slow movement and focused balancing exercise that will increase stability and confidence. Falls prevention is the overarching long term objective.. The hope is that the tai chi is so simple in the movements that the Kupuna can practice any place or time without need of anyone or anything else besides their bodies. Since many of the concepts of tai chi movement are similar to hula, the participants understand the basic premise of slow exercise in rhythmic movements with coordination of hands and feet. This makes the tai chi an excellent adjunct to their activities at the site.
Hep Free Hawai’i (HFH)
Hep Free Hawai’i (HFH) is a community-driven awareness campaign to raise awareness about hepatitis B and C in Hawai’i.
Land Food & Health
Land Food & Health is an innovative intervention for diabetes-self management. The 6 month long intervention combines a once a month culturally-informed diabetes self-management education class based on the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) guidelines with backyard or communal gardening as a physical activity. The gardening component was built on the Pacific value of relationship to land and group activities. This initiative has been implemented in four sites in Hawai’i.
Ke `Ano Ola: Molokai & Lanai's Community-based Healthy Lifestyle Modification Program
Community members at various health screening events and receiving blood glucose and hypertension monitoring services at Na Pu’uwai requested a weight-loss program that could be community driven and be sustained long term. In 2008, 72.8% of Moloka`i’s residents were overweight and obese. A community-based12-week healthy lifestyle program, Ke Ano Ola (KAO), was developed to decrease risk factors for chronic disease through nutrition, physical activity and specific chronic disease prevention education, in a support group setting. The program was expanded to Lanai, where Na Pu`uwai has a satellite office, Ke Ola Hou O Lana`i.
Community Solutions to Chronic Disease
An investment in Hawaii's future