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Request a PSTAT Visit

Is your State/Territory ready for a PSTAT vist?

We can help you assess your readiness. Before requesting a PSTAT visit, complete the following:

  1. Read the PSTAT Manual
  2. Contact Marti Macchi, Senior Consultant for Diabetes at NACDD, to discuss potential PSTAT visit. The consultant will help you decide if you are ready for a PSTAT visit and can assist you with defining the policy and ensuring that you have an engaged group of stakeholders committed to this policy.

After completing these two steps, you are ready to request a PSTAT visit.

How do I request a PSTAT visit?

  1. Complete the Request Forms. Forms are in the appendix of the PSTAT manualForms are also available in Word.
  2. Send the completed request for a PSTAT visit to Marti Macchi via e-mail or fax. See complete checklist below. For e-mail submissions, include subject line “PSTAT Request for <fill in State/Territory>.”
PSTAT Consultant
Marti Macchi, MEd, MPH
NACDD Senior Diabetes Consultant
Fax:  (785) 767-0574


PSTAT Request Checklist




Letter of Intent form, including consent of authorized official (signature obtained from official)*


Background form*


PSTAT visit calendar options*


DPCP organizational chart


Health department organizational chart (Be sure to indicate the division/department/bureau in which the DPCP sits if it is not already indicated on the chart)


Initial contact has been made to obtain a copy of the health department’s advocacy policy statement?

*Use forms for the letter of intent, background form, and calendar options.