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Partnership is key to the success of any state chronic disease program. We have several resources that will be helpful.

New Program Manager's Reference Guide to Partnerships

Partnership Assessment Resources

Partnership Assessment Matrix

Evaluation of partnerships is critical to state's efforts to ensure that the work of a coalition is effective. There have been several sessions on this topic at the annual grantee meetings.

2010: Partnering With A Purpose

2009: Building and Sustaining Successful Partnerships

2009: Building Successful Partnerships Among Non-traditional Partners

2009: Evaluating Partnerships for Outcomes

2008: Partnering for Policy Change

2008: Partnerships - Maintaining the Interest and Energy

States work with partners in a variety of ways.

Maine Partner Survey

States use Memoranda of Agreement or Understanding (MOA or MOU) to formailze partnerships.Arkansas




CVH Council Spotlight

The Capacity Building Committee has developed a series of resource guides for program managers, including a general orientation and a partnership guide. Click here, and check back for additional resources in Spring 2011.

CVH Council Spotlight

Million Hearts Initiative

To learn more about this Federal initiative, go to their website: