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About the CVH Council


The Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Council was formed in 1998 by eight state cardiovascular health program staff who wanted to learn from each other, share resources, and offer a state-level perspective when working with national partners.


Today, the CVH Council boasts 77 members from 38 states actively participating in our activities (see our member list). Our mission is very similar to that of our founders - to make available resources to state programs that they need in order to impact outcomes. We operate using a committee structure, including:


In 2010, we formed Practice Groups that serve to address topics that are of immediate interest to the state programs (see our practice group member list). They are short-term, task-oriented groups that explore an issue, identify available resources, and identify what additional information the states need in order to effectively address a particular issue. Our current Practice Group topics are:


Interested in Learning More?

Review our Orientation Brochure and Annual Report

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