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Comprehensive Cancer Control Council

Comprehensive Cancer Control began as a fully functioning Council of NACDD in Spring, 2010. Since that time the Comprehensive Cancer Control Council (CCCC) has had a Collaborative Strategic Planning Meeting to priority identify areas and strategies to strengthen programs through combined efforts. Peer to Peer Mentoring and Active Resource Sharing have been identified as two top priorities for 2011.


Who We Are

Program Directors and Managers of Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs, are members of the CCC Council, which operates under the umbrella of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD). Councils serve to enhance program services through management and leadership skill building activities, mentoring, sharing of resources, networking and feedback to each other and to funders.  The CCC Council work and outputs are educational, energetic and productive. There is a strategic plan, developed by Program Directors showing priority areas for council involvement.  Program Directors of states, tribes, territories and US jurisdictions who manage CDC funded Cancer programs are CCC Council members.  Council leadership is provided through use of a Steering Committee composed of elected PDs from across the nation.  There are committees of the Council which provide opportunities to work toward Council priorities.  The priority areas for 2011 are Peer to Peer Mentoring and Communication and Resource Sharing.

What We Do

Through scheduled Full Council Calls in February, May, August and November annually, the Council works to share information and strengthen skills for PDs and Managers.  A face to face meeting is scheduled once per year during the CDC PD Meeting.  The council has been energetic in getting bylaws and a strategic plan in place.  The NACDD web site is a portal to these important informational resources and minutes of the Council.

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