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Arthritis Council


Who We Are

The Arthritis Council is comprised of program managers and staff of arthritis programs and projects in state health departments around the country, as well as partnering agencies that support the work of arthritis programs and projects.

What We Do

* Provide a forum for managers and their staff to come together to share their wisdom, experience, successes, and lessons learned in an effort to make their work more efficient and more effective
* Develop necessary training, communication, and partnerships to enable program managers to better meet the challenges of their job.
* Provide a national voice for state health departments to address arthritis and related diseases
* Increase professional development for state program staff

Who Should Join?

State health department staff who work in arthritis programs and projects.

How do I join?

Contact Mari Brick, NACDD Consultant, at


About the Arthritis Council

The 2011 Arthritis Grantee Meeting Presentations                                                July 26, July 27, July 28

Arthritis MMWR,  Data, Publications, Reports, and Advocacy
Annual Arthritis Grantees Meeting:
2010 presentations
Arthritis Council Meeting Minutes
Rapid Learning Series
New Member Orientation
Strategic Plan
Funded State Arthritis Programs and AID Projects
*Includes state data collection tools and forms
State Arthritis Program/Project Resources
Partner Links

Rheumatoid Arthritis Project