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Become a member of NACDD.

NACDD is the primary public health association for chronic disease program directors in the states and U.S. territories and is the only association of its kind.

Active Membership in NACDD enhances networking with other public health professionals involved in the prevention and management of chronic disease across the United States, territories, and the District of Columbia. As a member, you will have access to the most up-to-date advocacy information regarding state chronic disease programs and funding, continuing education opportunities through conference calls, webinars and conferences; professional development through participation in NACDD's Annual Academy and training partnerships; leadership opportunities through committees, councils and the Board of Directors; and subscription to print and electronic newsletters.

What are the membership opportunities?

There are three types of NACDD membership: Associate, Organizational, and State/General.

Associate membership is open to any individual health professional who is either employed or retired, and interested in the area of public health chronic disease programs.

Organizational membership is open to persons working for non-profit, for profit, municipal, district, or tribal entities, which have programs in alignment with any of NACDD projects or Councils. Council members are representatives from the programs designated by their state, commonwealth, territory, possession, district, or tribal entity.

State/General membership is comprised of public health professionals working in state, US territorial, and District of Columbia government public health agencies. It has two membership categories - voting and non-voting. The voting member is designated by the state health officer and serves as the representative/member for the state. Non-voting members include persons who direct chronic disease programs, including epidemiological units and every other public health professional working in chronic disease at the state health department.



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