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Fundamentals to Wellness and Prevention Initiative

A Call to Action for Improving Blood Test Health LiteracyOCD Report

Beginning in 2010, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors partnered with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a leader in diagnostic testing, on an initiative to help improve blood test health literacy.  As healthcare in the United States goes through a paradigm shift towards a prevention and wellness-centered model, blood test health literacy will be an important foundation to optimizing wellness, prevention and management of chronic disease.

The result of the initiative is “Fundamentals to Wellness and Prevention: A Call to Action for Improving Health Literacy Around Blood Tests,” a report that provides a roadmap for the healthcare community, including providers, insurers, advocates, employers and consumers to increase the public’s understanding of blood tests and foster greater ability to act on the information provided by these results.

The report was unveiled in 2011 and includes insights from a national survey looking at the state of blood test health literacy in the US and the results from a summit which gathered 14 national public and private sector health organizations to develop solutions to overcome blood test literacy barriers. Details about the survey and summit can be accessed here and includes video commentary from NACDD and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and a set of “Know Your Numbers” brochures to aid consumers in understanding common blood test results.

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